Astonishing 4-D portraits and 4-D art work by

Eugene Nemirovsky, an artist and scientist, author of

most advanced 3-D and 4-D technologies in the world 



                          Interactive 4-D portrait.                       Artistic photograph.

Decorative Framed Wall Art:


                            4-D orchids pictures.                         4-D fractals art.


Our products are images with true volumetric visualization contrasting sharply with popular 3Ds that rely on fantasy for the effect of depth

This site uses animations to introduce a volumetric impression. However no 3-D animation can even closely resemble real volumetric impression. Animation is used only as a way to introduce a 4-D image on a common computer screen. Please be patient to allow time to download animations.


           “That is so spectacular!  How do you do that?”

      Over and over, this question is repeated, often with variations, when people see Eugene Nemirovsky’s LifeDimensions-4D Digital Images.

       Here’s just a sampling, some from expert scientists and some from just everyday people from different countries:

      “Wow!  It’s breathtaking!”  Most visitors at our exhibitions.  

      “In all my years in the industry, I have never seen anything like it!”  Chief scientist of leading instant photography company.

      “How can this be possible?  No!!!  It’s impossible: it’s against laws of physics.  How did he do this?”  Resident technical staff at Moscow office of Japanese photo products manufacturer.

      “Many have laid claims but ended up with nothing.  However, seeing is believing and I saw it in your pictures.”  CEO of major advertising agency in New Zealand.

      Most recently, a lady standing in front of the LifeDimensions-4D  Orchids, asked us, “Are they preserved?”  That was something. At first  we couldn’t understand her.  We thought we didn’t hear her properly so we asked, “Ma’am, what do you mean, are they preserved?”  She said, “Are they preserved flowers?”  Then we understood that she thought the orchids were real, just preserved somehow within the frame! Inadvertently, she paid a huge compliment to Eugene’s technology and his art.

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